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All companies are facing increased environmental impact scrutiny. The rules of business are changing drastically due to heightened focus on a range of environmental, political and social issues – and a growing expectation for corporations to have clearly articulated sustainability strategies. Reputation Partners helps companies understand, meet and thrive under today’s standards of corporate accountability, guiding them to realize the business opportunities that come with good corporate citizenship.

Our expertise includes crafting credible sustainability and community engagement reports, in addition to developing and communicating sustainability commitments and programs to employees, media and other stakeholders. As members of the Global Reporting Initiative (the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework), we provide clients with highly informed counsel and ensure their sustainability messages pass muster with industry watchdogs. Reputation Partners also helps clients build meaningful relationships with NGOs and other relevant activist groups to identify areas of partnership, unearth business opportunities and/or end or prevent attacks from vocal opponents.

We partner with clients on a number of sustainability and corporate accountability matters, including:


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