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Labor Relations

Reputation Partners knows labor unions are among the savviest communicators – and effectively communicating about sensitive labor issues requires a skill set and expertise that is distinct from “traditional” PR. We are nationally known for our expertise and experience in this area.  We offer an experienced-based understanding of how both public and private labor unions operate and think, as well as what resonates (and what doesn’t) with media, employees, customers and other stakeholders when addressing challenges regarding labor unions.

  • Aggressive labor union organizing efforts
  • Contentious contract negotiations
  • Corporate campaigns
  • NLRB charges and judgments
  • Post-contract issues (smoothing return-to-work, enhancing morale)
  • Secondary boycotts
  • Strikes, lockouts, picketing and publicly aired grievances


Reputation Partners has worked on behalf of the following organizations:

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Reputation Partners has assisted these world-class organizations in addressing unique communications challenges. Learn more about our individualized solutions.

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