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O-I Glass engaged the team to help raise awareness of dwindling glass recycling supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team was tasked with developing a comprehensive media strategy that would inspire consumers to increase glass recycling behaviors and influence policy makers by demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of pro-glass recycling policies.

O-I Glass, as the world’s largest glass manufacturer, was well positioned to be a national thought leader in raising awareness to the glass supply challenges and to influence millions to adopt pro-glass recycling behaviors during the pandemic.

The campaign would help improve the cullet shortage by growing glass recycling behaviors, help the environment by increasing glass recycling and aide in public affairs policy lobbying by making the case via the media why pro-glass recycling policy is vital for maintaining U.S. jobs, supply chains and improving the environment.


The team developed national, local and global media lists, developed key messaging and launched a national media relations campaign targeting media that would reach mass audiences, local and federal government officials and consumers in critical local markets.

The media relations campaign tapped into the impact of COVID-19 on glass recycling, making media aware of the glass recycling shortage and its consequent impact on integral supply chains, which would have significant ramifications for consumers and society during COVID-19.

Media were interested in how glass shortages may impact important pharmaceutical and food and beverage supply chains, both strained as a result of the pandemic.

The media relations campaign was three pronged, focusing pitching efforts to the following media segments:


Spanning eight weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic, O-I Glass and its pro-recycling key messaging was featured in global and U.S. top-tier media including the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Financial Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, NBC Washington and important trade media.

O-I received feature coverage spanning these publications exceeding 34 million total impressions, which directly engaged U.S. consumers, state and federal policy makers, and the global recycling industry.

Top-Tier Media Feature Coverage:

Regional Media Coverage:

Trade & Sustainability Media Coverage:

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