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Social media strategy, integrated communications, content development

Reputation Partners developed a comprehensive social media strategy that would amplify AOM’s research with external business audiences and media via the association’s social media channels. Prior to January 2019, AOM’s social media channels lacked an overarching thematic strategy that weaved into an external media relations program. The goal was to create an integrated program that worked hand-in-hand with media relations to efficiently and effectively reach the largest business audiences possible.


Reputation Partners immediately revamped AOM’s digital platforms. Strategy began with the development of a comprehensive social media playbook. Rooted in research, the playbook outlined everything from AOM’s new brand persona and visual guidelines to their digital content and community management strategies. Following the completion of the playbook, Reputation Partners put the plan into action. We developed an external facing microsite and began generating digital content to fuel AOM’s ongoing social media (organic and paid) and digital content strategies.


Within the first full year of Reputation Partners’ strategy implementation, which also involved the creation of high-end digital content such as graphics, long-form website content, video interviews and a stop-action video, AOM’s digital channels experienced notable growth across the board (outlined below) and exceeded our EOY goals:

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