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The Academy of Management: Media Relations

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The Academy of Management (AOM) is a member-based organization dedicated to publishing management, workplace and organization peer reviewed academic research. AOM is the largest organization of its kind, consisting of over 20,000 professors, Ph.D. students and academic scholars from more than 120 countries. While the Academy is well known among global academic communities, awareness among external business audiences that would benefit from scholar research was minimal.

AOM first engaged Reputation Partners in late 2017 to position the organization as a credible management resource among the global business community. Our work is ongoing.


In order to effectively champion AOM’s research with business audiences, Reputation Partners evolved how the organization communicated with external stakeholders, beginning with a new media relations and social media integrated campaign.

For media relations, Reputation Partners developed a media calendar that forecasted nationally and globally trending news cycles each month, which allowed for Reputation Partners to provide timely and informative AOM academic research to media to inform viral news cycles.

To share AOM research efficiently, Reputation Partners created a pioneering media distribution strategy that allowed AOM to creatively share themed and recently published research with hundreds of relevant media pertaining to emerging news cycles. This distribution list comprised top media publications from across the U.S. and the world.

In addition to the distribution, Reputation Partners created an “always-on” media relations bureau that executed direct, personal rapid reaction pitching in response to viral news cycles in tandem with the research mass distributions. This dual approach resulted in AOM research being published by leading U.S. and global media, influencing business audiences with authority and at scale.


In 2021, AOM’s media exposure increased across top-tier U.S. and global media and increased from 2020:

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