Academy of management

Type: Public Relations


U.S. and International Media Outlet Mentions


Media Impressions In 2022

The Academy of Management is the preeminent professional association for management and organization scholars.

Key Highlights:

  • Developed a proactive and reactive “always-on” news bureau
  • Launched a subject matter expert program, including quarterly panel discussions attended by the media
  • Pioneered a media distribution strategy to regularly deliver new and relevant research to leading U.S. and international media contacts


The Academy of Management (AOM) is a member-based organization dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed management, workplace and organizational academic research. AOM is the largest organization of its kind, consisting of over 20,000 professors, Ph.D. students and academic scholars from more than 120 countries. AOM first engaged Reputation Partners in late 2017 to position the organization as a credible management resource with the global business community. Our work is ongoing.


Reputation Partners evolved how the organization communicated with external stakeholders, which included the following:

  • AOM 500 Media Distribution: To share AOM research efficiently, Reputation Partners created a pioneering media distribution strategy that allowed AOM to creatively share themed and recently published research relevant to emerging news cycles with more than 500 top media publications from across the U.S. and the world via biweekly email distribution. The email consistently receives a high 20+% open rate.
  • Alwayson Media Bureau: In addition to the email distribution, Reputation Partners created an “always-on” media relations bureau that executes direct, one-to-one rapid reaction pitching in response to viral news cycles. This dual approach has resulted in AOM research being published by leading U.S. and global media, influencing business audiences with authority and at scale.
  • Subject Matter Expert Program: Finally, Reputation Partners supported the development of a strong subject matter expert (SME) program comprised of nearly 120 scholars who are regularly called upon to comment on trending topics for inclusion in articles in top-tier media publications including The Washington Post, Business Insider, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Forbes and more. Through the SME program, Reputation Partners also hosts quarterly panel discussions, for media and the public to listen to, about the latest trending topics within the management and organization field.


As a result of our work, AOM received more than 725 mentions spanning U.S. and international media outlets totaling more than 300 million impressions in 2022 alone.

Notable mentions from top-tier national media includes: