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4 Digital/Social Media Trends Influencing Communications Strategies

The biggest digital/social media trend? Influencers. But, it’s not the A-List celebrities that first come to mind. It’s the “power middle.” The other trends influencing our strategies include zeroing in on digital return on investment, marketing to Gen Z and the rise of AR/VR.

The Elements of a Good Photo

In an era where photo and video are king, visual marketing is essential for any business to thrive. When competing with the barrage of ads that consumers face, it’s important to understand the elements of a good photo: captivation and storytelling.

Design: 2018 in Review

Every single brand interaction you have is designed. The only question is whether that design is effective or ineffective. Nick Quirke, SVP and director of creative services at RP, discusses a review of 2018’s graphic design, branding and marketing strategy, and looks ahead to 2019.

Reputation Partners Promotes Kerry Lange and Sam Orne

Reputation Partners is pleased to announce the promotions of two team members to account director. Congratulations to Sam and Kerry!

Brendan Griffith Promoted to Senior Vice President

Reputation Partners is pleased to announce Brendan Griffith’s promotion to senior vice president.

RP Welcomes Laurie Cairns as Executive Vice President and General Manager in Chicago Office

RP is thrilled to welcome Laurie Cairns as executive vice president and general manager of our Chicago office.

Print Still Packs a Punch

With the deluge of digital messages we see every day, on email, social media, text and other sources, it’s no wonder the impact has been minimized and engagement has decreased. Print, on the other hand, can be extremely engaging.

5 Key Components of Reputation Risk Assessments

At the heart of every crisis communications plan, there should be a comprehensive reputation risk assessment. RP’s co-founder and executive vice president Jane Devron shares the 5 key components of an effective reputation risk assessment.

RP Hires Diane Douville as Office Manager in Chicago

RP has hired Diane Douville as office manager in our Chicago office. Diane brings a high level of administrative efficiency and accuracy to her role. We’re thrilled to have her on the team!

5 Website Trends to Know Now

It can be difficult to narrow down what’s truly important to help distinguish your website in a crowded marketplace. Director of Web Development Keith Homel shares five website trends that will help your website stand out.

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