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RP Welcomes Laurie Cairns as Executive Vice President and General Manager in Chicago Office

RP is thrilled to welcome Laurie Cairns as executive vice president and general manager of our Chicago office.

Print Still Packs a Punch

With the deluge of digital messages we see every day, on email, social media, text and other sources, it’s no wonder the impact has been minimized and engagement has decreased. Print, on the other hand, can be extremely engaging.

5 Key Components of Reputation Risk Assessments

At the heart of every crisis communications plan, there should be a comprehensive reputation risk assessment. RP’s co-founder and executive vice president Jane Devron shares the 5 key components of an effective reputation risk assessment.

RP Hires Diane Douville as Office Manager in Chicago

RP has hired Diane Douville as office manager in our Chicago office. Diane brings a high level of administrative efficiency and accuracy to her role. We’re thrilled to have her on the team!

5 Website Trends to Know Now

It can be difficult to narrow down what’s truly important to help distinguish your website in a crowded marketplace. Director of Web Development Keith Homel shares five website trends that will help your website stand out.

RP Welcomes Courtney Smith as Account Coordinator

Courtney Smith began her work with Reputation Partners in May 2018 as an intern in Chicago. Her work ethic, skill and passion have made her an indispensable part of the team and earned her a promotion to account coordinator.

RP Welcomes Anna Zeck as Senior Vice President in Milwaukee Office

RP is pleased to welcome Anna Zeck as a senior vice president in our Milwaukee office. Anna joins us after two decades at one of Milwaukee’s largest agencies where she served as a vice president and managed one of the firm’s largest PR accounts. At Reputation Partners, Anna will lead a team of professionals in driving awareness and buy-in for our clients’ products, offerings and strategy through a multitude of channels.

RP Welcomes Mike McGrath as Executive Vice President in Chicago Office

RP is thrilled to welcome Michael McGrath as an executive vice president in our Chicago office. Mike has more than 25 years of experience helping organizations achieve superior performance by designing and executing communication strategies that educate, motivate and inspire key stakeholders.

Three Executive Positioning Best Practices

Executive positioning isn’t a straight line from your personal LinkedIn page to The New York Times. The more flexibility, commitment and personality you can bring to the process, the more effective and accurate it will be.

RP Welcomes Paige Borgman as Digital Strategist

RP is thrilled to welcome Paige Borgman as a Digital Strategist in our Chicago office. Specializing in digital content strategy, Paige has worked with clients across a number of different sectors including food and beverage, tech, entertainment, gaming, finance, pet care, nonprofit and corporate social responsibility.

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