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Keeping Company Culture Alive While Working Remotely

How do you nourish a company culture that depends on in-person engagements when your full team has to work remotely for an extended period of time? Director of Digital Strategy Paige Borgman shares a few suggestions that have served our team well thus far.

Are You Prepared for the End of COVID-19?

As we approach this new state of the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty will rise and opinions will conflict. Some may think reopening the economy is premature, while others might feel like it’s long overdue. Account Director Sam Orne shares insights on how organizations can successfully navigate this communication challenge and avoid stakeholder backlash.

RP Promotes Paige Borgman to Director of Digital Strategy

Reputation Partners is pleased to announce Paige Borgman’s promotion to Director of Digital Strategy.

What Communications Teams Can Do Now

A short time ago, Nick Kalm wrote a post about how important it is for organizations to protect and support their communications functions in times like these.  But, now that we’re in that indeterminate “no man’s land” between the shutdown and what is increasingly looking like a phased and gradual reopening, what should communications leaders and their teams be doing now?

Crisis Communications and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a continuously expanding crisis on the global stage unlike anything we’ve experience before in this lifetime. Today, organizations in every sector across the entire country are faced with the often daunting task of communicating through a crisis. While the situation is unprecedented, the core elements and fundamentals of crisis communications still apply.

Why Do We Need Communications Anyway?

Especially at this point in time, having a strong communications and PR team in place is vital.  As organizations look to the future beyond the current COVID-19 crisis, they should recognize how that function should be protected, nurtured and grown.  This is one of the smartest and self-preserving investments they can make.

Unprecedented Response to COVID-19: What Can Your Organization Do?

The pace and extent of governmental and societal responses to COVID-19 in the past week or so is nothing less than astonishing. What can organizations do to help themselves, their employees and their customers during these very troubled and challenging times? Nick Kalm offers his insights.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Implications Beyond The Headlines

RP Founder and President Nick Kalm focuses on some of the less-discussed implications of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and what organizations can do about them.

Top 10 Mistakes in Corporate Branding and CSR Programs

Sometimes corporate branding exercises work so well, it gives an organization a halo-effect. Other times, they prove to be less than successful. RP Founder and President, Nick Kalm, shares the top 10 mistakes he’s seen companies make when launching corporate branding and CSR programs.

What are you Doing to Build and Maintain Your Reputation?

RP EVP and Chicago GM Andrew Moyer was recently interviewed on an episode of The Ecosystem podcast where he discussed the importance of a company, or brand’s, reputation and the need to have a clearly articulated narrative.

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