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What We’re Reading – February 2021

From Facebook’s news blackout in Australia, to employer mandated COVID-19 vaccines, to D&I in the workplace, here’s a look at the news that stood out to our team in February.

RP Welcomes RJ Bruce Back to the Team

We’re excited to share that RJ Bruce has rejoined the RP team as an Account Director! He’s the latest RP boomerang and we couldn’t be more delighted!

McKinsey’s Cautionary Tale For Consultants and Other Advisors

Nick Kalm responds to the recent McKinsey settlement and shares key insights for consultants, lawyers, investment bankers and any other advisors faced with challenging ethical dilemmas.

What We’re Reading – January 2021

From the new administration’s impact on labor enforcement to lessons learned from the GameStop crisis to adapting pitches to noisy news cycles, here’s a look at the news that stood out to our team in January!

Crisis Communications Missteps Turn Robinhood Into the Villain

How did Robinhood, the company whose mission statement claims they “democratize investing for all,” become the villain in the infamous Gamestop-Wall Street hedge fund historic short squeeze that has the financial system upended?

It is an age-old tale of crisis communications missteps.

Enhanced Employee Communications: Just As Essential in 2021

Stepped-up employee communications helped American organizations adapt to the worst pandemic in 100 years.  Even as the pandemic (hopefully!) recedes in 2021, the need for effective employee communications is more critical than ever. Take a look at some of our best practices.

RP Welcomes Ruben Castro as Accounting Manager

RP is pleased to welcome Ruben Castro to our team as Accounting Manager.

RP Promotes Natalie Wanner to Associate

Reputation Partners is pleased to announce Natalie Wanner’s promotion to Associate.

What To Do When The Media Calls?

The media: they can invoke excitement in some and nerves for others. There’s no denying that when a reporter calls, your blood pressure rises and you get a little more guarded. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, turn to these RP guidelines to ensure you are well-prepared the next time the media calls.

What’s Next for the Hospitality Industry?

It’s no secret the hospitality industry is among those that have suffered the greatest economic impact at the hands of COVID-19. So, what’s the next frontier for travel and hospitality, and how can it be communicated? Account Director Fran Fyten shares key insights and best practices.

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