Strengthening Your Workforce with Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Effective internal communication is the lifeblood of any thriving organization. It is the thread that weaves the myriad individuals, functions and leaders into a unified tapestry and can shape the organization’s success. In addition to creating that tapestry, robust internal communications are a key function in recruiting employees to the organization and keeping them there; […]

A Secondary Degree in Crisis Communications: University of Michigan’s Textbook Response

Like any organization, higher education institutions face a myriad of potential crises and issues, ranging from accreditation to on-campus crime/safety to financial concerns to diversity concerns and unionization pushes. A different headline surfaced out of the University of Michigan this past weekend. The University announced the immediate termination of its president Mark Schlissel. On the […]

Effectively Communicating to Navigate the Supply Chain Crisis

As news reports and political commentators have discussed for several months, there is a crisis happening within the global supply chain. While some large retailers have taken proactive steps to lessen the impact on consumers, every aspect of the supply chain will be further scrutinized as we approach the holidays. While world governments and the […]

Communicating In A Perfect Storm

A health care system is like a ship that is constantly at sea.  Unlike other “businesses” that choose to or must periodically come into port (shut down), that’s never an option for a health system.  Some periods of time are more challenging for health systems than others.  Consider the very choppy waters they are sailing […]

Extending the Impact of Earned Media

Media relations programs often operate on a fairly regular cycle: internal information or activities are deemed newsworthy, a pitch is distributed to relevant reporters, interviews occur, one or several outlets run the story and the whole process starts over with a different newsworthy topic. While securing an earned media placement, especially with a top-tier outlet […]