Global Quick Service Restaurant Company

Type: Crisis Communications

Key Highlights:

  • Helped the company regain its industry leadership
  • Protected its reputation from future challenges


Reputation Partners served as global reputation agency of record for a well-known multinational quick service restaurant company. Retained after years of market share erosion and several well-publicized negative events that impacted the company’s sales and reputation, our focus was on helping the company regain its industry leadership position and protect its reputation from future challenges.


We helped conceive and execute a number of important “clean label” announcements, including one that transcended those made by any of its competitors. In addition to helping launch a key new product, we managed a wide variety of issues when they arose around the world, including those involving a disgruntled franchisee in Australia, a “60 Minutes”-type exposé in Europe, protests in Latin America, their CEO succession, an activist group campaign/boycott, and numerous incidents at the brand’s locations across the US.


As a result of our efforts, we were able to change the narrative about the brand’s momentum, while helping the company weather these and other issues (including a high-profile one involving their spokesman), while positioning the company for further growth.