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2021 Reflections and 2022 Predictions

As we kick-off the new year, the Reputation Partners team took a moment to reflect on some key PR takeaways from 2021, and expectations for the year to come. The headline for 2022? It’s multi-faceted, but the challenges and opportunities of last year are not going away. Take a look!

What We’re Reading – December 2021

From the CEO’s infamous Zoom call to middle market recruitment strategies to Peloton’s recently pulled holiday ad, here’s a look at the news that stood out to our team in December!

RP Promotes Paige Borgman to Vice President – Head of Digital Strategy

Reputation Partners is pleased to announce Paige Borgman’s promotion to Vice President – Head of Digital Strategy.

Effectively Communicating to Navigate the Supply Chain Crisis

RJ Bruce shares more on how individual businesses across the supply chain can leverage their own communications efforts to prevent an industry-wide issue from becoming their own reputational crisis.

Communicating In A Perfect Storm

With union activities expected to pick up steam at hospitals and health systems in the coming months and years, strong and persuasive communications efforts can help lessen the impact of those activities. Nick Kalm and RJ Bruce detail how health systems should structure their efforts to effectively communicate with their employees before and during a union challenge.

What We’re Reading – November 2021

From the need for effective employee communications now more than ever to the Metaverse’s impact on remote work to Aaron Rodgers’ vaccine controversy, here’s a look at the news that stood out to our team in November!

The Power of Video and How to Leverage It

For the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in video streaming worldwide. The popularity and demand for video has grown exponentially. What does this mean for your business, and how should you be thinking about your content strategy moving forward? Fred Walls shares more.

What We’re Reading – October 2021

From the Great Resignation to Reddit’s new consumer report to the complex world of cryptocurrency, take a look at the news that stood out to our team in October!

Recruitment and Retention: What Employers Need to Know

Amidst the rising labor shortage, rapid digitization across industries and multigenerational workforce, employers are struggling more than ever to recruit and retain qualified job candidates. Paige Borgman shares insight on how employers and HR leaders need to adjust their approach to recruitment and retention to meet the needs and communications styles of current and prospective employees.

What We’re Reading – September 2021

From the importance of B2B video marketing to social media’s impact on missing persons cases to tone deaf vaccine messaging, here’s a look at the news that stood out to our team in September!

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