Type: Employee Communications


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Jabil Healthcare, formerly Nypro, is now the largest global manufacturing solutions provider in healthcare.

Key Highlights:

  • Managed all internal communications
  • Ensured employee retention and ongoing productivity
  • Preserved customer satisfaction and community support


Nypro was an independent, employee-owned $1.2 billion plastics manufacturer with 12,000 employees and an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) model. However, the ESOP structure was creating a significant financial strain on Nypro, further compounding other growth and competitive market share issues. In order to grow and thrive, the company decided to merge with Jabil, a global electronic manufacturer. However, the merger was contingent upon 80 percent of Nypro’s ESOP shareholders approving the transaction – which would mean they would no longer receive ESOP payouts and may potentially risk losing their jobs through the merger. Complicating matters further, Nypro’s close-knit culture was anchored on the premise that it would remain independent and employee-owned forever.

Nypro engaged Reputation Partners to manage all internal communications around this historic company event to not only achieve merger approval, but also to ensure employee retention and ongoing productivity, as well as preserve customer satisfaction and community support.


Our communications efforts were centered around clearly illustrating Nypro’s financial situation and why a merger was necessary for the company to survive, how alternatives were explored and ruled out, and the opportunities/benefits for all audiences involved.

We developed a full suite of communication materials, including fact sheets, employee and customer emails, town hall presentations, videos and more. We also built a dedicated Nypro merger website to house all communications materials, share updates in a timely manner and allow for anonymous employee questions and comments via a feedback form.


Merger information was consistently communicated to all key audiences and all employees’ questions were responded to in a timely manner. Through Nypro and our team’s collective efforts, the vote achieved 98+ percent approval, far exceeding the 80 percent needed.