Print Still Packs a Punch


For what seems like the past decade, pundits and lay people alike have been claiming that print is dead. And while the industry has certainly seen a downturn, we at Reputation Partners see this phenomenon as a potential competitive advantage.

Think about it, how many times have you thoughtlessly clicked delete on an unwanted email, even from a brand or company you engage with regularly?

With the deluge of digital messages we see every day, on email, social media, text and other sources, it’s no wonder the impact has been minimized and engagement has decreased. Print, on the other hand, can be extremely engaging.

You have to admit that when you receive an interesting business card, brochure, or piece of mail, many of your senses are engaged. Touch, sight and even sound, as you manipulate these simple yet powerful marketing tools in your hands.

This is not to say that we should go completely away from digital. Far from it. The key to success is a strong digital campaign with an interesting or unexpected printed or physical interaction. Like complimenting a simple annual report with a customized thumb drive and website. It’s the punch of creativity that engages you.

In a world where people dress similarly, talk similarly and every email is promising an answer using this “one simple trick,” a new approach can really cut through the clutter and make people – and customers – take notice.