Type: Public Relations


Media Impressions

Pulte Group

PulteGroup has delivered almost 750,000 homes throughout the United States. What began as a single home built by the hands and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Bill Pulte, is today the nation’s third largest homebuilder with operations in over 40 major cities.

Key Highlights:

  • Increased brand awareness across target audiences
  • Reinforced the value of new homes
  • Promoted the company as a good corporate citizen


PulteGroup, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, engaged Reputation Partners to help the company establish a strong presence among current and potential homebuyers through a robust, ongoing communications program. Specifically, PulteGroup looked to our team for support in driving brand preference, reinforcing the value of new homes, establishing the company as an industry and thought leader among homebuyers, local communities and investors, increasing engagement among its employee base and trade partners, and promoting the company as a good corporate citizen. 


We established ongoing, comprehensive PR programs that targeted lifestyle, home, business and real estate media, influential bloggers and consumers. Our PR efforts leveraged PulteGroup’s internal network of experts, local leaders and satisfied community residents to drive consistent, positive media coverage surrounding PulteGroup brands.

Other successful initiatives for the brand included the conception and launch of Built to Honor, an ongoing philanthropic program that provides mortgage-free PulteGroup homes to deserving wounded veterans across the country and the creation of the quarterly PulteGroup Home Index (PGHI) survey, which offered timely insights into home buyer trends and preferences.


Overall, media relations efforts resulted in improved visibility among current and prospective customers, and an increase in year-over-year coverage. In one year alone, we garnered more than 490 million media impressions for PulteGroup brands.