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When The Public Spotlight Finds You: Strategies for LR/HR Professionals

Posted on May 5, 2021 by Nick Kalm

With certain exceptions, HR and LR professionals spend most of their time focused inwardly, helping their employers manage their employees. But, what happens when the outside world looks into your company, and your employment practices are called into question? Founder and President of Reputation Partners and CCAC member Nick Kalm recently participated in CUE’s virtual spring conference to share real-world examples of companies who found themselves under the spotlight, how they responded, and lessons HR/LR professionals can bring back to their own companies.

This presentation covers the following:

  • How to anticipate the possibility of having your company’s employment practices called into question.
  • How to handle it if or when it happens.
  • Some common mistakes companies make that you can avoid.

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